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Case Study: Rebranding and Building an Online Presence for Spraypack




Aerosol Manufacturing


Sydney, Australia


Spraypack, an aerosol manufacturing company based in Sydney, needed a brand new website and logo. Their previous logo, in use since 1993, was outdated, and they had no existing website to showcase their products and services.


Spraypack faced several challenges:

An outdated logo that no longer reflected their brand

No existing website to engage with customers and suppliers

The need to modernise their brand while maintaining their identity

The objective was to create a modern, stylish logo and a single-page website using best practices in design, SEO, and copywriting, while effectively representing Spraypack’s business and branding.


Fatduck Marketing approached the solution with a comprehensive strategy:

  1. Logo Redesign: Inspired by an in-person meeting to determine Spraypack’s target audience and goals, we designed several logo variations. The final logo combined a modern, industry-style font with elements of the original logo, creating a bold and contemporary design that paid homage to their past.

  2. High-Fidelity Mockup: We created a detailed mockup for a single-page website in Figma, incorporating engaging copywriting and relevant keywords to boost SEO.

  3. Client Collaboration: After presenting the mockup, we collaborated with Spraypack to make minor adjustments and ensure the copy was accurate and relevant.

  4. Wix Development: Upon approval, we developed the website on Wix, ensuring a smooth transition from mockup to live site. We also set up and connected Google Analytics 4 (GA4), Google Tag Manager (GTM), and Google Search Console (GSC) for comprehensive site tracking and optimization.


The implementation phase was executed as follows:

  • Logo Design: We provided several logo variations and worked with Spraypack to finalise the design, ensuring it was modern yet reflective of their original branding.

  • Website Development: We built the single-page website on Wix, incorporating approved designs, SEO-optimised content, and interactive elements to enhance user experience.

  • Google Services Integration: We connected Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Search Console to track performance and optimize the site for search engines.


The new branding and website delivered impressive results for Spraypack:

  • Modern Logo: The updated logo successfully modernised Spraypack’s brand while maintaining a connection to their past.

  • Effective Online Presence: The new website provided a professional online presence that engaged customers and suppliers.

  • Positive Client Feedback: Spraypack was amazed and grateful for the work done by Fatduck Marketing, leading to a successful and ongoing relationship.


The collaboration between Fatduck Marketing and Spraypack resulted in a successful rebranding and the creation of a professional online presence. The new logo and website effectively represent Spraypack’s brand, providing a solid foundation for future growth. Our ongoing relationship with Spraypack continues to thrive as we support their digital marketing needs.


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