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Over +$300,000 generated in ROI from PPC marketing campaigns.

+4.3 ROAS

Our average Return On Ad Spend over all accounts calculates to 4.3.


Up to +42.74% Google Search organic growth over all client accounts.

Unlocking Digital Success

Fatduck Marketing's Case Studies

Ready to witness the transformative power of cutting-edge web development and online marketing? Fatduck Marketing is proud to showcase our portfolio of satisfied clients through detailed case studies. Understand how we've elevated brands, increased revenue, and achieved unparalleled ROI for businesses across multiple industries.


Years of Industry Experience


Aussie Owned & Operated


Proven Strategies To Boost ROAS

Why Fatduck Marketing Case Studies Matter

Fatduck Marketing's case studies are more than just success stories. They are a testament to our comprehensive approach to digital marketing, from the inception of a customised strategy to its flawless execution. Each case study delves into the unique challenges faced by our clients and illustrates how our tailored solutions led to tangible results.

Our Methodology

Our case studies not only highlight the end results but also detail the journey. Understand the role of our precise PPC ROI analysis, custom JavaScript-enabled conversion tracking, and easy-to-understand monthly performance reports in achieving success for our clients.

Empowering Australian Businesses to Flourish with Fatduck Marketing's Expertise

Start Seeing Remarkable Results From Your Marketing & Website

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